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Richard Brem wrote:
> -- [ From: Richard Brem * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
> Dear Olaf,
> >Have you found the thingy in your archive yet?
> I just got back from America and did a quick search that produced no results
> unfortunately. I'll try again when I got a bit more time. Btw, I read the
> whole passage in Reich-Ranicki's book in the meantime, where he mentions
> Juenger. Reich-Ranicki talks about a particular period (late 50s and 60s),
> when he was working for "Die Zeit" (I think it was "Die Zeit"). It was then
> that he refused to comment on any of Juenger's books. That he wrote about
> Juenger later on is therefore no contradiction.
> Changing the subject: Going through the e-mails that came in while I was
> away in America I noticed a couple of mails in Spanish sent by
> "". I suspect that these mails were sent to all
> subscribers of the Juenger maillist. I would like to know if this assumption
> is correct and if it is, I'd like to ask John if there's anything we could
> do about this. As far as I'm concerned I wouldn't want to have Nazi spam
> sent to me just because I've subscribed to the Juenger list.
> Regards,
The combination of Nazis and spam is a most intriguing one, from a
historical point of view.  It conjures up a picture of Abwehr soldiers
in trench helmets overrunning an American outpost and discovering a big
supply of Spam, then shooting the tin cans across the lines through
cannons.  The cans smash through windows, burst the radiators of jeeps,
knock down officers making a speech.  Hitler, from the bunker, orders
that cans be bound together and fired on London, but it's too late, the
Russians are coming!  In the desert of New Mexico American scientists
work on a secret project of Super-Spam.  The CIA injects Spam with LSD.
Russian spies steal Super-Spam and copy it exactly.  The Spam War begins
with huge stockpiles on both sides.  And then, after years of espionage
and counter-espionage, the Spam War ends and the stockpiles must be
consumed.  The world has enough Spam to last till the end of the 21st
century.  Bill and Hillary claim credit for saving the children (except
the Iraqis).  A Spam-based religion begins.  Members of the EJ list
debate whether the Master foresaw the spam culture, predicted it or
prophesied it.  Will it happen, or has it already happened?

Nazis and spam--the world will never be the same.


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