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Dear Juenger Enthusiast!

The Association Eumeswil, a non-profit cultural association 
founded ten years ago in Florence to study and diffuse the 
thought of Ernst Juenger, is proud to have published the 
first edition of an annual journal, "Gli Annali di 
Eumeswil" - "The Annals of Eumeswil". Each year's edition 
of the Annals contains a collection of essays and 
narratives, all previously unpublished, contributed by 
speakers at the Association's annual conference series. The 
theme of this first edition is "Il Bosco", the Forest, 
title of the 2000 conference series.

Apart from the other interesting contributions from leading 
italian academics, psychologists, historians and literati, 
of particular interest for this list's members are two 
essays on Juenger's thought. In "The Unreal Way of the 
Forest", Alessandra Iadicicco, philosopher and translator 
of numerous works of Juenger into italian, examines the 
concept of freedom as it emerges from Juenger's reflections 
over the years.  The author, logically, makes particular 
reference to "Der Waldgang", "Der Weltstaat" and of course, 
the anarch in "Eumeswil".

The second contribution, from Andrea Sandri, publisher and 
translator of Heimo Schwilk's "Il sogno dell"Anarca", is 
entitled "The end of history and the forest in Eumeswil" 
and traces the development of the images of the forest, the 
myth and the dream in Eumeswil, reflecting in this way on 
the heart of a Juengerian "cosmogony".

Finally, an editorial to the first edition by Antonella 
Tommaselli, director of Association Eumeswil, sheds light 
on the Association's goals and philosophies for those 

This first edition of the journal is in italian, with 
summaries of each essay in German, English and Italian. 
Subsequent editions will also be published in German and 
English and will be distributed internationally.

If you are interested in having a copy of this historic 
first edition, please send your name and address with an 
international postal order for 15- Euro to the order of

Associazione Eumeswil Editrice
Lungarno F. Ferrucci, 15
50126 Florence

The cost includes postage within Europe and should arrive 
within 3 weeks of receipt of the order.

We hope there is some interest in this journal from member 
of this Junger mailing list - ultimately our goal is making 
friends with similar interests in Juenger and with similar 
goals of better understanding ourselves and our world. 
Apart from their intrinsic academic interest, the Annals 
are a good introduction to what the Association is all 
about. Please do contact us for any information or 
curiosity you may

A proposito, for any members in Italy, there are two 
conference in November on Juenger:
on Nov 9 Dr. Luisa Bonesio, will speak on "Beauty and 
Approaches: the image of nature in EJ"; on Nov 23, Andrea 
Sandri will speak on "When the earth changes its skin: The 
reconciliation of nature and culture in the works of EJ". 
These events are part of this year's conference series, 
entitled "Nature and Culture".

Look forward to hearing from you,
Thomas Friese
Associazione Eumeswil
Florence, Italy

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