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Ulrich Oswald wrote:
> Gary Kern wrote:
> >
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> > We have all talked about désinvolture, but are we agreed on what it
> > means?  Does the concept, for instance, contain principles for the right
> > way to live?  Or is it just an attitude?
> >
> Coming to think of it: Offering your left cheek to your adversary after
> being hit onto the right is also a kind of désinvolture, is it not? And
> a very strong principle too, and no attitude.
> Ulrich
Here you come to a crucial point.  I would say, on the basis of AFRICAN
GAMES, THE GLASS BEES and remarks made in THE DETAILS OF TIME, that EJ's
brand of désinvolture would advise turning the other cheek only as a
tactical maneuver, not as an ethical Christian-style response.  No love
of brother is involved:  if later you can get away from the one who
slapped you, or perhaps strike back at him safely, you do so.  But of
course you do not waste your time waiting for the chance to retaliate;
you let the other have his stupid game and go on with your life.

So the principle would seem to be this:  If someone more powerful than
yourself slaps you in the face, turn your other cheek to show your
disdain.  If the slapper is not more powerful than you, knee him in the
balls.  If the slapper is a tyrant and you think you can get away with
it, assassinate him.


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