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Greetings all!

This new web-site is indeed a delight to behold.  The sleek, minimalistic=20
look works very well.  I think that an online data-bank containing some of=20
EJ's more obscure texts is a good idea.  But, how about some more recent=20
articles as well?  Did Herrn J=FCnger pen any interesting editorials whilst=20=
headed "Antaios", for example?  Since the site also addresses Ernst Niekisch=
an online gallery of selections by A. Paul Weber might be a nice way of=20
complementing the whole. =20

As an aside, I was pleased to see some poetry and artwork by Uwe Nolte at=20
this location.  I would highly recommend Uwe's musical project "Orplid" to=20
any who care to listen.  They are one of the best of a new breed of German=20
bands who are forging a link between tradition and modernity.  The end resul=
is a dark, deep cornucopia of sounds, which remains both emotive and engagin=

In Amicitia,

Nick. =20

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