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Dear Roberto,

<< Nick, are Orplid similar to Anathema, or The 3rd and the Mortal? 
 The Gathering? or ar they mostly in the way of Elend and other 
 avantgarde bands?can you tell me of similar groups - is just to 
 make myself an idea of their music?
 Have you edited something with your project - or have you 
 something in MP3? I am very interested in that kind of music >>

It is quite difficult to compare Orplid to anyone else, since they have a 
very original sound.  However, some of the better known acts associated with 
this form of music include Death in June, Sol Invictus and (parts of) Current 
'93'.  These (British) artists really gave rise to the genre which is now 
labelled "neo-folk" or "post-industrial".  I would go as far to say that 
Death in June make the best music on the planet!  Their "Rose Clouds of 
Holocaust" album is a good place to start.  

Orplid also seem to have influenced some newer German groups, the best of 
which besides them is Forseti.  For more information on them, visit  This is the home of Eis und Licht Tontraeger, the label 
around which this "new German folk" scene revolves.

My own project, Lady Morphia, has no MP3's available at present.  However, 
you could try a search on Napster.  Alternatively, check out for ordering information.  There 
should be an interview online at <A 
HREF=""></A>, as well as another on an LM site 
which is currently under heavy construction: <A 
 Juengerites should note that our album "Recitals to Renewal" is heavily 
inspired by EJ, and even dedicated to him.  In a recent German interview (not 
online) I was even asked about John's website!  So, this discussion is not 
entirely irrelevant.  Advert ends!

In Amicitia,


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