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Living in days of the comet Hale-Bopp it might be interesting
to note some of the thoughts on wines in Bourdeaux. According to
a recent note in the Swedish press comets positively influence
the wine harvest. There is even talk of the fine comet years:
1985 and 1989. In 1985 Chateau-Lafite-Rotschild went so far as
to place a small comet on the label.

One of the superior wines made was a Lafite in 1811, Le vin de la
It was served in 1926 to 300 guests in the Castle Lafite. The British
wine expert M. Healey claims that was the case.

In _On the Marble Cliffs_ the two brothers drink wine "made in the
year of the comet". Juenger is once supposed to have said to the
filmmaker Bjoern Cederberg that the wine referred to in the book
is the 1811 Lafite, which EJ (so Cederberg) himself has never had the
opportunity to drink.

Any wine experts out there with knowledge of the Comet Wine of 1811 ?


Bertil Haggman

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