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        Twenty years earlier Dostoyevsky had finished the notes for
"Raskolnikov", which he published in 1886 in the "Russian Courier". One is
correct in viewing this creation as the other great source for the
knowledge of nihilism.  The object of the contemplation is exactly the same
as in "Will to Power"; the perspective of the observation is different.
The eye of the German directs itself to the intellectual/constructive
measure, and a feeling of daring and  high adventure accompany his
understanding.  The Russian in comparison is occupied by the moral and
theological contents.  Nietzsche mentions him only in passing and could
have only known a part of the Russian's works, in which mainly the
psychology, which means the technical mastery, had captivated him.
         Both authors were brought into a comparable relationship with
Napoleon. This is done most painstakingly, in a special work by Walter
Schubart. This comparison lies close because both in Will to Power as well
as in Raskolnikov, the reference to Napoleon plays an important role. The
great individual liberated from the last chains of the 18th century is
observed in his lighter and in darker qualities- here in the pleasure of
new power flowing in and there in suffering, a suffering which is
inseparably connected with this power.  Both procedures complete themselves
as a positive-negative print to the imagination of the spiritual
intellectual reality.
         This may be interpreted as a favorable sign, that both authors
agree on the prognosis.  This prognosis is also positive with Dostoyevsky;
he does not observe  nihilism as a last deadly phase, he holds it rather as
a healable and that is healable through pain.  The fate of Raskolnikov
gives in its model the preview of the great transformation, in which
countless millions share.  One also has the impression, that nihilism will
be understood as a necessary phase inside a movement directed toward a
specific goal.

C. Brown/M. Beckmann

        So here is the second installment of many more to come, God
willing. Although nobody has commented, I trust that there is some
interest? If there is none then let me know, that I don't waste my time or
         As I stated before, any and all comments are welcome.

Abdalbarr Brown
Murabitun of Madison, Wisconsin. America


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