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The question, what points the movement has achieved in the meantime, is
therefore of the first order, and imposes itself immediately in every
assessment of the situation, in every dialogue and monologue which occupies
itself with future.  The answer, as freely as one formulates it and however
much one would like to support it, will always be disputable.  The reason
lies in that it depends less on the facts, than on the mood and view of
life.  That makes it on the other hand instructive in a different and more
compelling way.
        The optimism or also the pessimism of such an answer entwines
itself around the proof, but it is not based upon it.  It's about differing
ranks.  Depth lends optimism its power to convince as clarity lends proof
of its persuasiveness.  Optimism can reach levels, in which the future
slumbers and is fertile.  In this case one meets it as a knowing, which
reaches further than the force of facts- yes, that can create facts.  Its
main emphasis lies more likely in character than in the world.  An optimism
so based is itself to be highly regarded, in as far as its bearer  must be
enlivened, by the will, hope and prospect to withstand the changes of
history and its dangers.  Therein lies a lot.
        Pessimism is not to be looked at as a contradiction to optimism,
the catastrophe is surrounded by the pessimistic, in particular culturally
pessimistic trends.  Pessimism can express itself as a loathing, as with
Burckhardt, in view of that which one sees rising, one then turns the eyes
to beautiful, even though past, images.  Then there are reversal to
optimism as with Bernanos- the light gleams when it has become absolutely
        Just  as the superior might of the enemy speaks against him.
Finally there is the pessimism, which although knowing that the level has
sunken, still holds greatness on this new level as possible, and in
particular perseverance, which  gives the holding of the lost post its
price.  Therein lies Spengler's merit.
        The contradiction to optimism is rather defeatism, which has spread
immensely today.  One has nothing more to set against that which one sees
coming, neither values nor inner strength.  In this state, panic finds no
resistance.  It spreads itself out as a whirl.  The viciousness of the
enemy, and the terribleness of the means appear to increase in the same
proportion, as weakness grows in the human.  Finally terror shrouds him, as
the elements.  In this situation the nihilistic rumor wears him down, and
prepares him for ruin.  The fear seized with greed, the rumor of nihilism
immeasurably increased.  The terrible  is continuously on the hunt for him.
        " Have you heard a new horror from Holofernes?" asked one citizen
in greeting another in Hebbel's Judith.  The piece describes perfectly the
mood of the nihilistic rumor, that attaches itself to such horrific figures
like Nubucadnezar and their methods.  From Holofernes it means, that he
thinks it to be a mercy, when the embers of one and the same city have
brought him enough sword cleaning and supper.  "Its lucky, that the walls
and gates don't have eyes!  They would collapse from fear, if they could
see all the terror."
        Then that provokes the Hubris of the people in power.  For every
power which wants to spread terror, the nihilistic rumor represents the
most effective means of propaganda.  That is not less for the terror, which
is inward, as for the terror which is outwardly directed.  It is up to the
former to proclaim the absolute power, which the society has in
relationship to the individual.  Primarily it should make one morally
conscious that "The nation (Das Volk) is everything; you are nothing!"  And
at the same time, the physical threat is always present for the intellect,
as a spatial, temporal and unbroken proximity of deprivation and
liquidation.  In this case fear achieves still more than violence; rumors
are more valuable than facts.  The undetermined has a more threatening
effect. For this reason the apparatus of terror is preferably hidden, and
its place shifted to the moors and deserts.
        The other, outward terror, occupies the zone of fear, with which
the state surrounds itself opposite  other states.  It depends on the
gorgon like effect, on that disastrous gleam that radiates from the weapons
when one shows them from the distance- yes, when one lets them only
suspect. Here fear is counted on.  Fear, that should intensify itself to
apocalyptic visions.  One would like to make the opponent believe, that one
is capable of arranging the end of the world.  Propaganda, can be regarded
as the first example that preceded the launching of the flying bombs
against England and which resembled the dark announcement of a cosmic
        Meanwhile the methods have strengthened themselves in scope as well
as in refinement, they should show, that one has an unlimited potential,
and that one will not be afraid to unchain it in conflict.  In this contest
the pairing of physical and ideological superiority is striven for, which
should radiate far beyond the borders even when the campaign is not in
operation.  They are  barely desired.  In such conditions wars can be
similar to traffic accidents of great proportions, which everyone strives
to avoid.  On the other hand cases are possible, in which one of the
partners proves to be no match for the tension, and without the use of
outward farce breaks up in his structure.  To this effect are those phases
especially calculated, which one describes as a war of nerves.  Such a
break-up, similar to that which Satre described in "Le Sursis", will always
require a number of individual break-ups.  The state will not only in its
leaders, but it will also be primarily empty in its anonymous levels.  The
individual will be drawn under the spell of nihilistic tension, and will be
cut down by it.  Therefore it is well worth it to examine which conduct can
be recommended to him in this challenge (anfechtung).  His heart is the
actual forum of this world; and his decision is more important than all the
dictators and power mongers.  It (the decision) is their prerequisite.

C. Brown/M. Beckmann

Look at the last two lines.  Magnificent!!

Abdalbarr Brown
Murabitun of Madison, Wisconsin. America


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