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Just some quick notes on the "books" listed below:

"Heliopolis" (translated by William Eickhorst) never got published by
Vantage Press. (This is what Klett-Cotta, Juenger's German publishers, told
me some time ago). I don't know if this translation ever existed, perhaps it
was just a plan by Vantage or Eickhorst.

However, a translation of "The Paris Diaries : 1941-1944", done by Michael J
. Hulse, exists. It was set for publication in 1990, but Klett-Cotta
objected to the quality of the translation, which led 
Farrar, Strauss & Giroux to pull out of the contract. As a reaction Klett
commissioned Hilary Barr (translator of EJ's "A Dangerous Encounter") to do
a complete new translation of the "Paris Diaries". Barr is still working on
his translation and Klett has not found an American publisher for the book
yet. Therefore no date of publication has been set. 

Klett also objected to the quality of Dirk Leach's translation of "The
Worker : Dominion and Gestalt : And, Maxima-Minima : Additional  Notes to
the Worker (Suny Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy)". Juenger
mentions Leach in "Siebzig verweht IV" (p.
429): "Montpellier, 25. Mai 1990: (...) Wir verbrachten den Abend in guter
Gesellschaft bei Wein und Gespraechen, so mit Dirk Leach, der wegen der
Uebersetzung des 'Arbeiter' aus New York heruebergeflogen war.") Btw, this
was immediately after EJ had 
visited Lascaux together with Albert Hofmann and Rolf Hochhuth. 
As far as I know Leach was supported by Eva Marcu, the widow 
of Valeriu Marcu, who lives in NY, but even that did not help him (J quite
often refers to Marcu, whom he knew from Berlin and he also mentioned him in
his "After-dinner speech" on 29 March 1995, which I posted some time ago;
those interested in the "Briefwechsel" between EJ and Valeriu Marcu should
check out "Der Pfahl 5", published by Matthes & Seitz, Munich 1990). 

For those who are not aware of it: A translation of "Die totale
Mobilmachung" ("Total Mobilization") was published in 1991 in the anthology
"The Heidegger controversy: a critical reader" edited by Richard Wolin (MIT
Press, p. 122-139, ISBN 0-262-23166-2). The translation by Joel Golb and
Richard Wolin is based on the first, early 1930s version of the text (this
is why they didn't have to ask Klett-Cotta for permission) and therefore
contains the nationalistic closing section (Abschnitt 9), which was left out
by Juenger in subsequent editions. 

Kind regards, 

Richard Brem

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