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>Anyway, I was curious about the bibliography on the English
>translation of Der Arbeiter (The Worker... SUNY Press 1990). Curious
>that it's not in Muehleisen, curious that I've never heard of it,
>since I know of a new possible translation project of Der Arbeiter. 

Scott, do you have any important gossip for us? Do tell... :-) 

>Anyone seen this book? Know where it can be had (via interlibrary
>loan). The SUNY Press www site has no record of it in either the HTML
>backlist nor in the list of series by title. An e-mail query to SUNY
>Press hasn't been answered yet, but I'll pass on what I hear from

This is getting to be quite a detective story isn't it?! I remain intrigued.
Has anyone else tried chasing up this book? 

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