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Dirk Leach did translate Der Arbeiter into English. He sent me a copy,
I think in 1991. I spot checked the translation, and it looked fine to
me. But then again I did not look at it very carefully, so I have to
suspend my judgment on the issue. Someone called me from Austria a couple of
years ago, asking whether I would be interested in translating the work
myself, which I had to decline on the ground that both German and 
English are foreign languages for me. In any case, the man in question,
whose name I regrettably did not retain, told me that Leach's translation had
been objected to by Juenger himself. I have no idea whether other issues are
involved in the matter, and I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the

There is a translation of one chapter of Der Arbeiter which has been
published: "Technology as the Mobilization of the World Through the Gestalt
of the Worker" by James M. Vincent with revisions by Richard J. Rundell, in
Carl Mitcham and Robert Mackey, Philosophy and Technology. Readings in the
Philosophical Problems of Technology. New York: The Free Press (Macmillan),
1972, paperback 1983. The editors indicate that the translation was published
with permission of the author and the publisher (Klett).

Javier Ibanez-Noe
Marquette University (Milwaukee)

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