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John King wrote:

> So, was heißt plutonische Energie? It's a little obscure...

Of course. EJ is often a multi-
visionary. Is it too simple to 
believe that plutonic energy
is just nuclear energy. But
EJ also, if I remember correctly
sometimes writes about uranium =

"Die Titanen beduerfen keiner
Gebete; ihnen wird durch Arbeit
gedient. Sie werden hoch geachtet,
obwohl ihr Name sich hinter
ihrem Wirken verbirgt. So sagt
man heute nich mehr Uranos, sondern
Uran. Auch Pluton, obwohl erdmaechtig,
zaehlt nicht zum Olymp."

_Prognosen_, p.37 

> And a telling commentary from Hollywood's master of logistics, Cameron,
> about the role of technology. Especially considering that his framing
> narrative is little more than a trite apotheosis of late 20th century
> technology and the American Way of Life. But I think everyone already knows
> what I think of "Titanic".

Yes, we do, and the film is not without

And the Titanic metaphor is haunting 
in a time when technical inventions
com almost by the day and month, not
years and decades anymore.

Best wishes

Bertil Haggman

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