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Dear All,

Just to let you know that I have just reserved the domain!
(.org is neutral and international and non-commercial and juenger because 
it will cover both Ernst and Friedrich Georg Juenger).

I shall be moving "Ernst Juenger in Cyberspace" there in the near future.

The site will be hosted at which will allow me to increase the
functionality of the site substantially in the future. I get 120 MB of
disk, a mysql database, php, ssis, full perl cgi and access to a real
server for streaming audio and video (assuming I can clear copyright for,
say, excerpts of interviews).

Pair also offer a mailing list service and I shall no doubt move this
mailing list over there in due course. But I have until December with my
Oxford Uni account.

For everyone's information, I am now working full time at in
Oxford as, wait for it, "web development manager". Now that I'm surrounded
with techies, programmers, database people, etc. I should be able to bring
the online EJ bibliographic database by, say, the end of the year in beta
form. We've got a fulltime designer person at work as well, as I might be
able to cadge a few lessons in Photoshop and graphics. Working means
money, which means I can afford the services, the domain name and the
bandwidth :-)

So, the foundations are being laid for a real new-generation site which I
hope to have as an exemplary site in the literary field.

BTW, is still inactive. I believe that its use is in
contravention of the rules of denic, the authority responsible for .de
domains - cf. Vergabebestimmungen:

"Der Antragsteller ist verpflichtet, die als Domain zu registrierende
Zeichenfolge auf ihre Vereinbarkeit mit den Rechten Dritter, z.B. mit
Namens-, Marken-, Urheber- oder sonstigen Schutzrechten, sowie mit den
allgemeinen Gesetzen zu prüfen. Mit der Antragstellung versichert der
Antragsteller, daß er dieser Verpflichtung nachgekommen ist und daß sich
bei dieser Prüfung keine Anhaltspunkte für die Verletzung von Rechten
Dritter oder sonstiger Rechtsvorschriften ergeben haben. Das DENIC
übernimmt insoweit keine Verpflichtungen."

Not being an expert in German law, I couldn't comment as to whether the
domain is legitimate or not. Maybe a case for Andreas?

Enough on the Internet for now,



John King
St. John's College	
GB - Oxford OX1 3JP

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