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"My aim is to make the bibliography as complete as possible!"

In a extension of the word bibliography, what about internet with numerous
websites, and also the conferences, theater, music, television fictions and
documentaries etc...

P.S.  Personal Statement

Hummmm sorry, rather skeptical about the conference of the technical U. in
Fortunately the name of EJ is not quoted in the program.
Better locations are, would be Firenze, Venezia, still marvelous places,
whatever the present circumstances, rain, traffic jam on the autostradi -
ciao Umberto -, rather stupid crowd, and also pretty nice girls on the
Piazza San Marco and cool travels on the vaporetti and the patience of the
Venezian inhabitants face to the tourism invasion.


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J ü n g e r - B i b l i o g r a p h y

Dear Jüngerians,

within some weeks I will finally finish my bibliography of secondary
soucres about Ernst Jünger.

Please let me know all your books and essays that will be published in
2002! And, whenever possible, give me information on "hidden" chapters
on Jünger in books of general political, philosophical or cultural
interest, and, of course, about recent publications on Jünger in
journals etc.

One bibliographer has only two eyes, but a lot of list members can see
much more in the large fields of international reception of this author.

If possible, please, send also fotocopies!

My aim is to make the bibliography as complete as possible!

Best wishes from Marbach,

Nicolai Riedel

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