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Sorry to have kept you waiting. Meanwhile I could read
some interesting things on the katechon, thank you.

The interview I will communicate, is in "Les cahiers de
L'Herne": Martin Heidegger (1983) p. 145 ff. The title is:
Le travailleur plan=E9taire. Entretien avec Ernst J=FCnger,
recueilli par Fr=E9d=E9ric de Towarnicki.

You'll have to do with my undergraduate English -
'Englisch radebrechen" sagt J=FCnger einmal - , translated from the French=

J=FCnger has been surprised how strong Heidegger fascinated the French, whil=
even to native speakers his texts are extremely difficult.  He has told
Heidegger: "There is, in your writings, something wider, deeper than the
word, and which brings it right to the surface. It is as if a magic force
permits the reader to understand what the words didn't=20
say explicitly."
A French lady had told to him -J=FCnger- that while following a lecture
by Heidegger early in the morning, she was fascinated and believed
she understood everything. But as soon as she got out, it left her
immediately too and she felt as enchanted by a sorcerer.

"Heidegger's thinking reaches from knowledge to language/Sprache,
and from language to its source. Undoubtedly, this aspect is only one=20
aspect of his immense oeuvre. Maybe a century is needed in order to
understand what it, essentially, tells us, what it really comes up with.
[prob.: zur Sprache bringen]=20
As to the specific poetical, or magical dimension, it will take time as
well to really understand the secrets and sense of them.

Remember these lines of Goethe in Faust:

K=F6ntt' ich Magie vom meinem Pfad entfernen
Die Zaubersprueche ganz und gar verlernen.

And remember what happens in many fairy tales, those of 1001 nights
for example: in the evening you are invited into a splendid palace, fully
illuminated, the next morning you find yourself in a deserted hut.

[Here one could think of Ann=E4herung, which is momentous, and leaves
you alone afterwards. Skepsis nach Bedarf - rdb]

J=FCnger, finally: In any case, it looks like certain, that the new "task of
thinking" [die Aufgabe des Denkens nach dem Ende der Philosophie - rdb],
which seeks a more original questioning, has been worked out by Heidegger:
to me it looks like an initial spark, a detonator, a knot, from which one
can imagine lots of things becoming visible, which were, so far, invisible.


next time (don't know when): J=FCnger on Heidegger on Der Arbeiter

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