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The thesis presented here was submitted in June 1999 to the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages at the University of Oxford. It was examined in November 1999 by Prof. Roger Woods and Prof. Alan Bance, and following the usual minor corrections, was accepted and a copy deposited at the Bodleian Library in January 2000.

Copyright and Reproduction

The work draws heavily on Ernst Jünger's original manuscript war diary held at the Deutsches Literaturarchiv in Marbach am Neckar. All citations in the thesis are © DLA and are reproduced with the permission of the DLA and Frau Dr. Liselotte Jünger. Apart from other short citations from copyrighted publications, the thesis is in all other respects © John King, 1999.

It may be printed and circulated in the form reproduced here without limitation and cited as required in scholarly or journalistic work.

Internet Publication

Although physical copies of the thesis are lodged with both the Bodleian Library in Oxford and the DLA, I am publishing the thesis here in order to achieve broader exposure. As I am currently working full-time in the IT industry, I do not have the spare time or energy required to rework the thesis to suit editors at University Presses or the like.

The thesis is published in Adobe PDF format and I have ensured that the pagination is the same as in the printed copy held at the Bodleian. In other words, the PDF of the whole document may be used to cite the original thesis without having to order the hard-copy from the Bodleian via Interlibrary Loan as the page numbers are exactly the same.


Note: the thesis PDF is a 2.15 Mb download. If you prefer, you may download the thesis by chapter>.

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